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Fédération Internationale de Nunchaku de Combat et Artistique

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The 2007 FINCA European championship final combat round
A FINCA kata, performed by Lebanese instructor Adham Affara

The Federation Internationale de Nunchaku de Combat et Artistique (FINCA, translated to International Federation of Combative and Artistic Nunchaku) is a French-based international competitive organization for both combative and artistic nunchaku practitioners. The FINCA was created in 1992 after the decline of the two previous nunchaku organizations, the World Amateur Nunchaku Organization (WANO) and Fédération Française de Nunchaku Sportif (FFNS, translated to French Federation of Sporting Nunchaku).

FINCA member countries include France, Lebanon, Algeria, and other francophone countries.


FINCA members wear a black karate gi top and orange pants. They may use Safety Nunchaku like the World Nunchaku Association.

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