Graphite Competition Nunchaku
Manufacturer Tiger Claw
Link Three cords
Join Three holes loop
Material Graphite
Stick Shape Tapered round
Length 12"
Diameter 1"

Graphite Competition Nunchaku are lightweight standard size corded graphite nunchaku. They are popular among Freestyle Forum members.


rctrue's ReviewEdit

They're actually made with what looks to be a mixture of graphite and wood. They are very strong and durable, although after some serious abuse they did crack. The crack is minor and didn't effect them much at all. Ive been using them that way for about 2 months, and they still feel solid as the day I got them. The crack is on the outer graphite shell.

They are very fast and smooth, and make a unique sound when they hit each other. Other than that they're silent. They do seem to have a balance point, which is a major plus considering some chuks out there don't. They are very responsive at any speed.

Overall they are a very good all-around nunchaku. They're perfect for spinning, striking and aerials. I highly recommend them.

soulwire's ReviewEdit

The sky opened up, a stream of sunlight peers down and BEHOLD, these babies fell into my hands last night. I'm in looooooooove! Ok, so the weight is about the same as the weighted foamies (maybe even slightly bizarre!)..but the added bonus that you can break your bones if you hit yourself hard enough with these! Now I can feel badass hardcore yeah! bom chicka wow wow (corrected! Thanks Moomin momma for correcting the grammatically incorrect "Bow wow, chicka chicka!" +1 karma for you) ... Ok, so the string was my only concern, it was so long that I kept catching the string with passes. I couldn't do wrist spins because there was too much slack. So I just tightened em and now I am done! My search is over. Thank you God. Wheels are very easy to do. I've noticed that wrist rolls can put bruises on the back of your hand (i'm just not used to stringed chucks yet) but I love how quiet they are, and there is something incredible about the balance. I was spinning these late at night and totally fell into the flow...Ahh... The balance is smoooooooth!

Cons: Long string, extensive wrist rolls may bruise the back of your hand.

Pros: The balance! It's like... the stuff that poems are made of... (minus edgar allen poe-- save those for rattans, haha). Every good love story was secretly about graphite string chucks. Seriously. Don't laugh. I'll smack you with these things.

External LinksEdit

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