Kriztov describes grips

A grip is a way of holding the nunchaku.

The two most common grips are the front grip and the back grip. In a front grip, the fingers are arranged in order such that the thumb is placed towards the top of the nunchaku. In a back grip, the little finger is placed towards the top. Each grip can be held as either a "closed grip" or "open grip." Usually, the closed grip is used; the stick is clenched tight within the fingers. However, the open grip, in which the stick is held against the palm using only the thumb, is also possible. The open grip is generally used during techniques that require releases, such as rolls or aerials.

However, various other grips also exist. A "middle grip" (or "midgrip") features the link or stick passing between two of the fingers. If the stick's held between thumb and finger, the hand forms a "pinch". Holding both sticks in one hand can be called a "full grip." Having both heads crossed in your palm with the link wrapped around the back of the hand is known as a handwrap.

It is also important to note the hand placement of a grip along the nunchaku stick. A stick can be held at either end or anywhere in between.

Applications of gripsEdit

Different grips have different applications in nunchaku use.

For combat applications, the front grip is usually used, since it is necessary for most strikes. The stick is generally held at the tail in order to maximize the reach and power of strikes.

Within freestyle nunchaku, a variety of grips are often utilized and many techniques are unique to a certain grip. Passes are best performed by gripping the body in order to have better accuracy over the transfer. For wrist rolls, a grip near the head is used in order to maintain tight control. Many finger rolls use a midgrips over the join. Using a pinch right on the tail can be useful for some aerials.

Switching between gripsEdit

There are a variety of methods to switch between grips. Perhaps the most popular are hand rolls, as they can maintain momentum while switching grip and can be performed during a spin. Grip switches can also be performed by manipulating the fingers around the nunchaku, transitioning between the front and back grips using a middle grip. One can also switch grips by launching an aerial and catching it in the desired grip.



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