Husky Chuks
Manufacturer Neon Husky
Link Four-link chain
Join Ball bearing
Material Plastic
Stick Shape Non-tapered round
Length 12.75"
Diameter  ?

Husky Chuks are electronic glow nunchaku made by Neon Husky. The sticks are clear plastic tubes intended to hold streetlights, which are LED lights in various colors. Instead of a streetlight, each stick can hold two four-inch glowsticks.


Generally, the similar product Flowchucks, though more expensive, is reported to be more durable and brighter.

Yetibutt's ReviewEdit


  • The color selection of the lights is cool and it is easy to change out the streetlights. They come in solid colors all along the spectrum, and various three color versions. Three colors are best, with different light sets in each chuck so each pass or wristspin reverses the light pattern. Even simple spins look cool.
  • The entire chuck is clear, and lit up from top to bottom. The LED lights leave nice tracers, like spokes on a wheel, which vary based on the speed. Trippy.
  • The weight and balance are about the same as hardwood nunchaku with chain.
  • The plastic is pretty solid, and stands up to some good hits.
  • These are about as flashy as you can get without setting something on fire


  • They only come in chain, which I don’t like as much for freestyle. I may have to get a hacksaw at some point and figure out how to switch them over to rope.
  • Although the plastic holds up well, it does crack after repeated hits, and the fact that they are just under a pound makes them hit the ground pretty hard.
  • The plastic gets slippery when wet.
  • The biggest con is the price: $45 for the nunchaku, and $7.50 for each streetlight. The lights are battery operated though, so it is essentially a one time investment.

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