Kriztov describes rolls

Roll (or spin) is a general term for a move where the nunchaku travel in a circular motion around a part of the body.

Types of rolls include

  • Wrist rolls and hand rolls
  • Finger and thumb rolls
  • Neck rolls
  • Arm rolls
  • Leg rolls
  • Ankle rolls
  • One handed passes

The mechanics of a roll can vary considerably. While a roll is most often caught with the same hand that released it, it can also be caught with the opposite hand. A roll can also either be caught in the same grip from which it was released or in another grip.

When a roll is released, the practitioner can catch the first stick that circles around or wait to catch the one of the next ones. A roll is named by the degrees of rotation; for example, they may be named as 360° rolls, 540° rolls, 720° rolls, or 1080° rolls. The possibility of executing a higher degree roll varies depending on the momentum behind the roll, but 180° and 360° rolls are by far the most commonly performed. However, sometimes, a roll may be continued theoretically infinitely, either through chain combination or by otherwise offsetting the gradual decrease in momentum and effects of gravity.



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