Rubbed Foam Padded Nunchaku
Rubber Foam Padded Nunchaku
Manufacturer Generic
Link Cord or chain
Join In-stick attachment or ball bearing
Material Plastic or wood padded by rubber foam
Stick Shape Non-tapered round
Length 12"
Diameter 1"

The most common beginner's practice nunchaku are made padded with rubber foam. Colloquially, such nunchaku are known as foamies. Since this type of nunchaku is made by a range of manufacturers, the quality and specifications may vary widely.

The core can either be made of plastic or wood. The nunchaku come in both ball bearing chain and cord variations. Generally the sticks of these nunchaku are either white or black and often have a dragon printed on them.

Rubber foam padded nunchaku are often used in martial arts schools. While these nunchaku are very common for training purposes, they are criticized by some freestyler artists for being unrealistically light and easily broken.


soulwire's Review (Chain)Edit

Most of these are too light..but I did find one that had a nice weight to em. I know they were heavier than the rattan and prochux. The padded ones I found actually rock the house. But then I feel guilty for spinning them at all... because I want to be able to suffer mortal wounds when I mess up. Cons: Suffering no mortal wounds when you mess up is huge. It's like a skateboarder that goes to a skate park in an astronaut suit full of padded clothes. People laugh at him, and kick him (but he doesn't feel it anyways) Pros: If you get the right pair, they are balanced well and you can smack your face at high levels and only get a bloody nose instead of a broken nose. w00t! I have a nice balance..can spin them fast and furious without worry

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