Safety Nunchaku
Manufacturer World Nunchaku Association
Link One 4.5" nylon cord
Join In-stick attachment
Material Polyester core and foam shell
Stick Shape Non-tapered round or octagonal
Length 9.8" or 13.8"
Diameter  ?

Safety Nunchaku are lightweight foam-padded nunchaku created by the World Nunchaku Association for the practice of nunchaku-do. However, they are also used by other similar competitive organizations. The Safety Nunchaku are colored in the yellow and black colors of the WNA. They are available in round "Professional" and octagonal "Traditional" variations in 9.8" "Junior" and 13.8" "Senior" lengths.

They come with a lanyard, a bag, a case, and "I ♥ Nunchaku" stickers.


hairybiddy's ReviewEdit

General info: These are the official nunchaku used by the world nunchaku association ( for practicing the sport of nunchaku-do. With the nunchaku you get a selection of stuff, stickers a bag, a nunchaku case and a lanyard. Which is a rather unusual but most welcome addition.

Use: The first thing that comes to mind when you pick these nunchaku is damm these things are light. The second for me is when I come to do a wrist flip. The cord between the two halves is 1 cm shorter than standard and because of the flat ends sometimes its hard for the nunchaku to smoothly roll around my hand. Add this to their light weight and you get some pretty uncontrolled and unwanted aerials to deal with if your not careful! They are harder than the usual “training” foam ones you see everywhere but still nice and soft for when they inevitably hit your wall.


  • Lots of accessories to go with your purchase.
  • You know some amazing stuff can be done with them, checkout michisports (it works again! 26/07/2005)
  • Good service from the shop when the delivery driver couldn’t find my flat!


  • Too light
  • Cord too short for my liking
  • Foam dents and chips easily if you have any fingernails at all!
  • Expensive shipping from the shop

Conclusion: I’m sure they are well designed for nunchaku-do, and it’s clearly possible to perform a very complex freestyle routine with them as we have seen from the Dutch display teams and some of the nunchaku-do freestyle competitions. But for me they are way too light! Even my cheap training nunchaku are heavier than this pair. These are certainly an interesting addition to the nunchaku collection and their use in a modern sport like nunchaku-do is a most welcome addition to martial arts in general. But for me there are cheaper and better pairs of nunchaku if you are not limited by the rules of the sport for which these chucks were intended and unfortunately mine have lay still and unused n the cupboard for a while now….

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