Style refers to an individual freestyle nunchaku practitioner's manner of performing. Because freestyle nunchaku emphasizes the freedom of practitioners to perform in their own way, practitioners develop unique styles that are often incredibly contrasting. For example, some practitioners display an aggressive (and sometimes combatively practical) style influenced by XMA or Bruce Lee while others show a calm and fluid style influenced by poi, juggling, dance, or contact staff.

Often, the style of a freestyle nunchaku performer bears a relation to the link of the nunchaku he or she uses. Practitioners with aggressive styles tend to use chained nunchaku while those with fluid styles tend to use corded nunchaku.


The charts below intend to display the vast variety of styles.

Fast, aggressive styles
ChuckNasty, focusing on tricky techniques
SixtyFourWarrior, showing XMA-esque influences
Lokos, focusing on speed
Slow, fluid styles
Trent, showing poi and juggling influences
Yetibutt, showing dance influence
NinjaRob, showing contact staff influence
Kriztov, focusing on fluid techniques

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