Kriztov describes swings

The path the the striker follows through the air is called a lane.

The simplest thing you can do with a nunchaku is swing it in a straight lane, a straight swing. Straight swings aren't really straight, just broad curves, but the name fits. Straight swings begin in one place and end in another, they're not continuous. With freestyle, most straight swings can end in a bounce, so we'll get onto them more with bounces.

The next most basic is a circle swing. Hold one stick and swing the other around in a circle.

If your hand and handle are perfectly still, with just the striker circling from the handle's tip it's called a point swing, but if your wrist and the handle are circling too, it's a pivot swing. Circle swings are continuous.

The sphere of space the striker is circling within around your hand is called a pocket. You can move your arm into many different positions, and circle the nunchaku, which means there are many different pockets. Lanes link pockets together.

Swings and PlanesEdit

That's three dimensions, with two directions of rotation around each axis - six different swings. There are of course an infinite amount of variations possible by tilting your planes and bending your lanes, but these directions are like your compass points, and all other variations can be described in relation to them.

Figure-8 SwingsEdit

Main article: Figure-8

A figure-8 (F8) is a type of swing in which the striker transitions between planes. A figure-8 is made up of two or more circular swings connected by a crossing. The type of swing is so named because the path of motion of the striker resembles the symbols for the number eight (8) or infinity (∞).

Fades and StopsEdit

It's not enough to just swing as fast as you can. A good freestyler should have complete control of their instrument, and includes knowing how to take speed out of the swing, not just put it in. Slowing the nunchaku down is called a fade.



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