Kriztov demonstrates an upward wheel
Matt-Chez demonstrates ways of transitioning into and out of the wheel

The wheel is a technique in which the nunchaku is spun using two fingers - one of each hand - placed on opposite sides of the nunchaku link. It is notable for being one of few freestyle nunchaku techniques involving only the link.

Generally, it is easier to perform on the smooth surface of a cord link than on a chain link.

The wheel is usually performed on the middle wall plane. This wheel can be performed either upward or downward, referring to the direction of rotation towards the performer.


The horizontal wheel involves performing the wheel on a horizontal plane.

The 360 horizontal wheel involves spinning the body 360 degrees while performing a horizontal wheel.

The disconnected wheel, named by Matt-Chez, involves removing one finger from the nunchaku during the wheel, temporarily going into a finger roll.

The orbital wheel, performed by Matt-Chez, involves revolving the nunchaku around the body while performing the wheel.

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