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Joris van den Berg, a nunchaku-do practitioner, competing in the freestyle devision of a March 2008 world championship in Switzerland

The World Nunchaku Association (WNA) is a competitive nunchaku organization based in the Netherlands which teaches nunchaku-do as a semi-contact sport. In addition to the Netherlands, WNA member countries include Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Germany.


The World Nunchaku Association's colors are black and yellow, which are shown on all of its gear.

The WNA uses its own Safety Nunchaku and protective headgear. Members wear a uniform consisting of a black kimono with a yellow V neck and black pants. The organization has its own belt colour system in which students earn color stripes on the belt instead of using fully coloured belts. One side of the belt is yellow, and the other black, so that in a competition, opponents may be distinguished by the visible side of the belt.

The gear is available online for purchase by non-members.

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