XMA Nunchaku
Manufacturer Century Martial Arts
Link 2.5" three-link chain (9" length version)

3.25" four-link chain (12" length version)

Join Ball bearing
Material Graphite
Stick Shape Non-tapered round
Length 9" or 12"
Diameter 0.7"

XMA Nunchaku are lightweight speed chucks branded for XMA competition. They are available in red, gray, and black colors. The XMA logo and kanji are printed on the sticks. The XMA Nunchaku come with clear grip tape to apply to the sticks.


Wild Industry's ReviewEdit

Okay, I own these. They were basically the first pair that I used for freestyle. I sort of liked them before, but I don't like them at all now and would not recommend them. First of all, they are ridiculously light... unnaturally so (not quite as light as some others that I've tried, though). Sometimes I'll miss a move with them and they'll easily go flying yards across the room. The shorter cord makes some moves difficult, such as wrist rolls and the wheel. The ball bearings get rough and squeaky fairly quickly. In addition, they're just plain expensive, and it hurts even more when they get messed up. I really wish I had saved that money to get something better.

Really, go for the traditional, normal nunchaku, IMO. There's a reason they're popular. It's because they work.

EleManT24's ReviewEdit

I don't actually own those, but I know someone who does and I've used them a couple times. Like Rell said, they're made to be flashy... and not much else. They are ridiculously light, but I prefer light chucks for demonstrations because of the speed. Not so much for freestyle though. They're made of graphite, which chips off easily. A lot of people prefer graphite, but for a chuck that's supposed to be flashy, I think looks are important. For chucks of that size and weight, the connector is actually too long imo. If they're going to be that small then there should be almost no chain whatsoever, otherwise you have to "fight the wind" when you swing them. They're designed for flowing, spinning, and bouncing... XMA stuff. They're not really designed for power or technical moves, the kinds of things most of the people here do. If you're on the competition circuit and do the kind of forms that Emig does, then these chucks are almost perfect, aside form the awkwardly long chain. Other than that, I wouldn't recomend them.

IrvMstr's ReviewEdit

Those chux are very, very light. ~ 170 Gr. You can customize the chain. I changed it to a 7 link chain (available at some home improve market). Just have to remove those spring-type straight pins and you are able to remove the chain.

They are very slippy - maybe to slippy > quite hard to control < not enough weight. Thereby are clear tapes for the grip handles. But after only a little chukin' the tape peel away. And: Low quality Ball bearings.

I can't recommend 'em at all.

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